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Dammit it was just about to get good, how dare you not finish this :<


thatboredguyy responds:

youre beautiful

First I gotta say great thumbnail lmao, now this animation was goofy and you definitely seem to had fun making it, when it comes to making mouths move you can choose many ways to go about doing it, I would say try not to just keep em moving nonstop cuz it looks awkward when they aren't actually talking, but I also do like that you used multiple angles in different shots which is great for building up a setting, also I can't tell if you laughed or it was part of the audio at the end but regardless it was random and made me chuckle so thank you, keep practicing your stuff, hope to see some great things from you as time goes on amigo :>

Made me feel grateful for living

I enjoy looking at the different expressions, as well as how some of the movements look.
Definitely work on making the movement smoother & less stiff because I know you can do it, I can tell from parts like the start with the fly getting caught and when the tongue pulls your character forward it looks pretty good so I have faith you could do it throughout the whole thing next time.

Keep making more because I'd love to see how you improve and will eventually make some really neato burrito stuff, hope the best for ya :>

LazyBlueHorse responds:

Thank you - one thing I am going to change is to make my OC more super deformed since drawing limbs and being articulate is very tricky. I had a basic plan but then I got over creative and began adding more content that required more stuff to animate. I really appreciate the feedback as it helps tidy up those rough edges.

Finally the question that needs to be answered.

The blocky fingers looked really neato and fun to animate, I would say that maybe some more movement at the start and end would really help this shine more, the transitions felt too stiff and needed a bit more movement, but overall I really love the color scheme and parts with movement :>

LochyAnimates responds:

Thank you for the feedback. It's always nice to see nice comments but I never get enough criticism. I'm gonna work on your points for next time!

You never fail to bring a smile to my face Cas, thanks for making so much goofy lovely stuff, can't wait for the next one

I do silly cartoon stuff & draw, because I love making random nonsense
Mostly 2D but learning 3D woop woop



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