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Dammit it was just about to get good, how dare you not finish this :<


thatboredguyy responds:

youre beautiful

First I gotta say great thumbnail lmao, now this animation was goofy and you definitely seem to had fun making it, when it comes to making mouths move you can choose many ways to go about doing it, I would say try not to just keep em moving nonstop cuz it looks awkward when they aren't actually talking, but I also do like that you used multiple angles in different shots which is great for building up a setting, also I can't tell if you laughed or it was part of the audio at the end but regardless it was random and made me chuckle so thank you, keep practicing your stuff, hope to see some great things from you as time goes on amigo :>

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Definitely a fun idea, though it kinda didn't explain you can press down on those little grey blocks unless I'm just stupid and missed it lol, but I was stuck for a bit until I did it by accident, but regardless was fun and challenging, I would say it needs more variety though because while it was fun it needs that oomph like maybe some sort of block that tilts from weight added onto it, or moving blocks you have to time jumps on, stuff like that, but I think it was fun and would love to try speedrunning this to kick everyone else's ass :>

Has brought me tons of funzo, and made me meet so much beautiful peeps, love this game and can't wait for the full thing someday

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Hi lovely amigo

Very lovely choice of colors as always, and nakey version also very lovely

MuraSsakino responds:

Thx, the colors were easily the most fun part so I'm thankful that effort was worth it (and the nakey version too)

Very neato art style, goomba looks so crazy and evil and I love it, the background feels a bit off maybe cuz of the curve above idk, but other than that I really do like it :>

I do silly cartoon stuff & draw, because I love making random nonsense
Mostly 2D but learning 3D woop woop



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